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An ESRI partner cultivating infrastructure coordination

What is PaverOps?

Our platform uses GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to:

Reduce impact to the public through streamlined project coordination

Increase return on investment through cross-agency knowledge sharing

Save valuable staff time and increase opportunities of project cost-sharing

Improve inter-agency relationships through better communication and cooperation


Pavement Plans & Moratoriums

Seamlessly communicate when paving is scheduled and when pavement cuts are prohibited. Enhance utility project planning and coordination while reducing unnecessary pavement damage.

Utility Data Sharing

Access authoritative utility infrastructure data and gain project insight to reduce dig-ins and cross-boring incidents. Save time, money, and headache.

Current & Future Project Coordination

Simplify difficult interagency project management while creating new opportunities for synchronous projects, cost sharing, and reduced community impact.

Overhead view of a crosswalk

The PaverOps Platform

Easily upload your existing GIS data into ready to use templates and instantly share it with other members.

Whether you’re a city with a paving plan or a utility with a large capital plan, organizations of all sizes benefit from expanded data sharing and project coordination in the shared right-of-way.

Protecting data privacy and ensuring security

Your data is sensitive — that’s why PaverOps only allows membership to local governments and utilities. Your infrastructure data stays secure, actionable, and trusted.

How It Works

A web-based platform leveraging ESRI technology

PaverOps is never static. As a cloud GIS mapping system, we are constantly improving our platform and regularly pushing updates, which allows the entire PaverOps community to benefit.

Powerful and intuitive design

Robust software does not need to be cumbersome or challenging. Our focus on usability removes the learning curve and allows you to access decision ready information immediately.

No GIS data? No problem

PaverOps’ painless interface makes it easy to create and edit data right in the platform.

Heavy machinery working in the street

What Drives Us

Our roads and utility infrastructure are the backbone of our daily life and the global interconnection built upon our local and regional systems. The organizations that build and maintain these networks are more important than ever in addressing issues of equity, a changing climate, and a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

As decades of underfunding, deferred improvements, and the normal ending-of-life cycle of assets catch up, every dollar and every hour counts in their tight budgets and restricted workforce. There are many ways to make our world a little better and by providing a software tool that provides real value to the public and utility sector is ours.

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